EASI, owned the traffic source of Australia Chinese, is the best place to cater your advertising.

App Open Times Per Day
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Ad Clicks Per Day
Promo #1

Ad Type 1
Open Screen Ad

  • 3 Seconds Stay Each time
  • Cover Entire Device Screen. Skippable.
  • Forced Advertising

Display:Full Screen display when open. 4 turning transition screens random display.
Size: 750*1334px

Ad Type 2
POP-UP advertising

  • Could only been closed after read.
  • POP-UP layers display
  • Forced Advertising

Display: Home page POP-UP ad before enter the menu

Promo #2

Promo #1

Ad Type 3
APP Homepage BANNER ad

  • Continuous Loop
  • New URL Redirectable
  • Long Time Stay

Display: Display at the top of the app